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NiceTargets™ Turkey Target in the Woods

NiceTargets Wholesale Program

Welcome to the NiceTargets™ wholesale program page. The following wholesale program is exclusively reserved for Archery Clubs and Professional Archery Shops. If you're looking to purchase NiceTargets™ for yourself to use in your backyard please visit your local Archery Club and/or Archery Pro Shop to inquire about purchasing them locally from your club/shop. They can become a NiceTargets™ dealer in minutes and have them available for you at any time. ¬†Alternatively visit the NiceTargets™ Online Webstore to make an online Retail purchase.

Dear Archery Club/Shop principal, we want you to have NiceTargets™ and we want your clients to have NiceTargets™, AND we want to help you make a little extra money in the process. It's very simple to get set-up as a NiceTargets™ wholesaler, simply fill out the "Become a Dealer" information form online or give us a call at 800-435-2621 (M-F 8:00-5:00 CST) to get personal wholesale set-up assistance.

How does the program work?
It's Very Easy! Your club/shop uses and/or sells a lot of targets so why not buy in bulk and save you or your client's money, while making a little extra money at the same time.

NiceTargets™ Wholesale BoxHow are the NiceTargets™ Supplied?
We produce the NiceTargets™ in Master rolls of 100 targets.
Each Target is individually perforated on the roll.
The rolls are provided in a convenient heavy-duty reusable, wall mount dispenser box.
Each Box is individually labeled.

Why is this better?
Imagine having 100-20" x 22.5" Turkey targets in a box, hung on a wall that's only a little bigger than a box of Aluminum Foil. Then simply pull the targets out as needed, and rip them off to use or sell as many as you need. As compared to large flat sheets laid out on tables in a back room. Hang the boxes right on the wall at the checkout counter, as a grab and go item.

NiceTargets™ look expensive?
They sure do, but they're not! Besides getting a Superior Shooting Experience, you and your clients can get them at a VERY low cost.

How much do they cost, and what can I sell them for?
Each Target face will vary slightly in cost based on the overall size of the NiceTargets™. We've been doing our research out and about, and know a Turkey in the Retail Market goes for around $2.50-$3.50. In the Wholesale Market, a Turkey goes for around $1.40-$2.00. At those costs, Retail you're looking a $250-$300 per 100 Targets, versus Wholesale at anywhere from $140-$200 per 100 Targets. Well how does a Retail price of $1.00 per target or $100/100 and a Wholesale cost of $0.60 per target or $60/100 sound? They're so cost effective; you and your shooters will never have to or even WANT to shoot at a "used" target face again! And they look way better too!

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