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NiceTargets™ would like to introduce you to a NEW, PLASTIC, cost effective target face. NiceTargets™ offer real, professional high-definition photos printed on PLASTIC that gives you the feeling of actually shooting live animals in a natural setting. The "Kill Zones" on NiceTargets™ are designed as "Vanishing Kill Zones" so as you move away the kill zones gradually disappear from sight, giving the shooter a realistic shot at an unmarked animal. Then, simply confirm the shots upon approaching the NiceTargets™ to once again reveal the kill zones. Pull your arrows and simply leave the NiceTargets™ outside…they’re produced with weather resistant ink & recyclable PLASTIC.

NiceTargets™ are Weather Resistant

Weather Resistant Recyclable Poly

Tired of your targets looking like this? With NiceTargets™, you don't have to worry about leaving your target outside. Our targets are made of weather-resistant recyclable poly, allowing you to worry more about taking your shot than replacing your target!

NiceTargets™ are Photo-Realistic

Photo-Realistic Animals

With NiceTargets™, you get a target that looks like you're actually shooting at the animal in its natural setting. Our many choices of photo-realistic high-definition animals ensure you get a Superior Shooting Experience every time!

Erice Dresser is the official photographer of NiceTargets

Eric Dresser

NiceTargets™ official photographer with 40 years of in the field experience. To learn more about Eric, click the link below:


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